Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sex Tape (Movie Review)

We got this movie courtesy of a free week or so of Starz and while we had been anticipating this comedy, we began to get a little wary of it after finding mainly one star reviews. Thankfully my husband and I are ones that enjoy making up our own minds and forming our own opinions on things, especially movies.

Before I go any further let me warn you that there are graphic scene's and that the content is not suitable for younger viewers. Something, that given the title of the movie you would think would be a given but you never know these days.

Anyway, the movie starts out with a mommy blogger sitting on her couch talking about the time at the beginning of her relationship with her husband and all the erections and sex they had. She talks about how that can disappear under the strains of marriage and children.

The best part of this movie is that it is believable, Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz have such great chemistry that it is extremely believable that they were married. The couple had a quirky sarcastic banter that reminded me a lot of mine with my husband.  Perhaps that was why I enjoyed the movie so much.
I loved that it felt so realistic.

I can easily see someone making a Sex Tape as a way to put some more oomph in a long married relationship, accidentally forgetting it and it getting leaked out.

This is seriously a movie I would add to my own collection and watch over again.

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