Sunday, January 3, 2016

(ARC) Snow Globe by Jeanne Skartsiarsis

Title: Snow Globe
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy Teens & YA

This ARC was kindly provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Troubled teen. Juvenile delinquent. Aja Harmon is familiar with the labels. She and her mom live like gypsies, moving every year. Her mom works as a psychic and Aja fights to suppress her own intuitive abilities because the power scares her.
After losing a cool job at Abercrombie & Fitch, the only work Aja can find is as a waitress at an elderly residence home. Slowly she begins to enjoy working with the seniors. Unlikely bonds forge, making their worlds bigger while shrinking the generation gap.
If only a corrupt police officer hadn't set his sights on Aja—a beautiful girl with a sketchy past. An easy target to add to his twisted collection.
Snow Globe is a story about a teen who tries to do the right thing but continues to find trouble with her smart mouth and fearless attitude. Working at the assisted living facility, Aja learns compassion and how important yet fragile life is.

This book is truly one of the better ARC's I had read in a long time, from start to finish I pretty much was glued to these pages, goose bumps took up permanent residence on my arms. The cover alone is gorgeous, the colors are eye catching and just scream " PICK ME UP! READ. ME!" It seriously is a bonus for those who pick and choose based on the cover alone

I loved the main character Aja, who despite having had it pretty rough with life, has  yet to give up. She will stand up for what she thinks is right even if it is not one of the popular opinions.

I loved that this book did not have a romance aspect it focused on. Yes it was there but it was slow and gradual, not some BOOM insta-love chick lit thing. It was a cute romance that happens every day when girls are unsure and avoid the crush and the feelings they arise, all the while wishing for just one more glimpse of him/her.

I love that you can see Aja change and grow in the pages of a book. She might start off wishing for normality but by the end of the book it is awesome to see that she has come to the realization that there really is no such thing as normality, and that is ok. I loved seeing her accept it and accept and love who her mother is.

There was only one thing I was not a fan of, and it is really a small tiny thing that it is hardly worth mentioning. After the big climax of the book, the ending seemed to take a little longer then  necessary, it was as if the author was making sure she had dotted all her I's and crossed all her T's.

It was still a great book, one I would buy and read again once I forgot all about the thrills and tears.

4 out of 5 Stars

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