Friday, January 1, 2016

Come Sit by Me by Thomas Hoobler

( I received this copy of the book through The following review/opinions are completely my own and given in exchange for the book)
About the Book:
Title: Come Sit by Me
Author: Thomas Hoobler
Number of Pages: 179


The boy who shot seven people in the school library is dead. But did his secrets die with him?

Something terrible happened at Hamilton High last year, and those who survived don't want to relive the past. But Paul has just arrived, and gets the same locker that the shooter used. He wants to know what really happened...and you know what curiosity did to the cat.

I fell in love with this book fast and I am not really sure why. It was just one of those reads that grabs you by hand and takes you on a fast ride.

This was a quick read, probably because I devoured the book. The author wrote with so much personality that it really made me want to know why the boy Cale opened fire on the school. It was very realistic, especially in this day.

I liked the mystery around this story, the clues were picked up right away so that the main character Paul actually seemed real. The sexual scene's were glossed over and brief in such a comical way that it created the perfect breaks between intense moments.

The only part I disliked was reading Cale's diary, I understand why it was written the way it was but it made it a challenge to read and stay connected to the story.
I actually love the ending, I saw parts of it coming but not the actual solution.

5 Stars!

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